Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Runner Runner

It’s only sort of true that I don’t do comics anymore. No, actually it’s not true at all. But most of what I’ve been doing recently is still hiding from the world, waiting till it’s ready. Believe me, it’s not nearly ready. Oh no, wait, that makes it seem like I’m working on like a 250-page graphic novel or something. That is not the case. Anyway, irrespective of what I’m doing or not doing right now, here is a small piece of evidence that I’ve been doing some things recently. It’s a full-color one-page comic for the back cover of Runner Runner, Tugboat Press’s annual free comic book. You can get it during Free Comic Book Day at a bunch of stores (listed on Tugboat’s website). There’s some other lovely stuff in there, including but not limited to work by Corinne Mucha, Sean Christensen ABT, Julia Gfrörer and Greg Means himself.

I also just learned something from the Tugboat website: Runner Runner is named after a poker term and not, as I always thought, after Logan’s Run. I guess then it would have been “Runner! Runner!” or maybe nobody even said “runner!” twice in a row in Logan’s Run.

Free Comic Book Day is this Saturday, May 4.

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Bishakh said...

Whoa! A new Andrice comeek? I must have it. If I can't find a copy in NYC, I'ma hit you up for a spare copy if you have one, Miz A.