Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bird Hurdler

I did the cover and a two-page comic in Bird Hurdler (sequel to Nerd Burglar), a free comic book from Teenage Dinosaur, Tugboat Press and Sparkplug Comics.

I will be at Guapo Comics on Saturday, May 2 from 12-3 pm... see below for more info:

Teenage Dinosaur, Tugboat Press and Sparkplug present the release of Bird Hurdler by Andrice Arp, Theo Ellsworth, Faryl Dalrymple, Zack Soto, Lisa Rosalie Eisenberg and Julia Gfrörer. Bird Hurdler is a free comic book of Portland, Oregon comic artists published by Portland-based publishers and printed at Brown Printing (also in Portland).

To celebrate the release on Free Comic Book Day (May 2nd), the artists and publishers will be signing, giving out the book, and presenting their own work at three local comics stores in the early afternoon (12-3pm).

Guapo Comics and Books will have Andrice Arp (Mome and Hi-Horse) and Lisa Rosalie Eisenberg (I Cut My Hair and Monsters Make Stew). Publishers from Teenage Dinosaur, Tugboat Press and Sparkplug Comic Books will also be at the store located at 6350 SE Foster Rd. Phone # 503-772-3638

Floating World Comics will host Julia Gfrörer (How Life Became Unbearable and All the Ancient Kings) and Theo Ellsworth (Capacity). The store is located at 20 NW 5th Ave; phone # 503-241-0227

Cosmic Monkey Comics will be hosting Farel Dalrymple (Pop Gun War and Meathaus) and Zack Soto (Studygroup 12 and Secret Voice). The store is located at 5335 NE Sandy; phone # 503-517-9050. Greig Means from Tugboat Press will be stopping by Floating World and Cosmic Monkey.

They will be sending books to comics stores around the country, but if you can’t find it, or don’t like going in comics stores, you can also order it for one cent plus postage on the Sparkplug web site. Or talk to me.


Saul said...

Drice is this a polyurethane bar with an animatronic geisha bartender? Meet me there & I will buy you a glass of "howth'hellyabeen shweethart"

A Arp said...

no and yes

(sorry, we haven't gotten many comments here so I don't check that often)