Monday, February 9, 2009

Lark Pien and Friends at Studio Gallery

I Love You a Little
Lark Pien & Friends
STUDIO Gallery
1815 Polk Street (between Washington and Jackson)
San Francisco, CA 94109
Opening reception: Sunday, February 15th, 2-6 pm

From the Studio Gallery web site:
Dozens of tiny oil paintings and watercolors, comics, sketches, even video! The show also includes The Neighbors Project, where fellow artists pick one of Lark's 4" x 4" paintings and do their own take on it; the guest artists include Trevor Alixopulos, Andrice Arp, Rina Ayuyang, Vanessa Davis, Brian Kaas, Paul Maes, Mark Miyake, Thien Pham, Jesse Reklaw, Joey Sayers and Jen Wang. On the eve of the publication of her new book, "Long Tail Kitty," which comes out March 4th, this is a great chance to check out a true Bay Area talent and the fun, often poignant world she's created.

In addition to two pieces that I made all by myself, there are two collaborative pieces that Jesse and I did together.

Feb 11 - Mar 8 2009

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