Monday, May 5, 2008

Mome News

Mome 11 is now available, with some stuff by me in it. You can see a preview slide show on flickr. That cover is by Killoffer.

They are also selling sets of the first 10 issues, for anyone who is interested.

And the interview with me from volume 5 is online now. Kind of embarrassing in parts, but oh well.

OK, I just re-read it and it’s really embarrassing. But what can I do?

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JoanReilly said...

I just read that interview, and I liked it. It made me soooo nostalgic for the olden days, tho! High School and Cat Stevens and Elvis Costello! Going to see movies at the UC theater and getting lattes at Firenze. Awwww... how glad I am that I met you, drizlette. Jeezis I'm getting old and sentimental. Sorry!